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Panoptic Aspects3D Virtual Tours

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours by Panoptic Aspects provide a next generation method to view any space in an immersive way, allowing you and your customers to freely explore every room of a building on a PC, tablet or smart phone.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours by Panoptic Aspects provide a next generation method to view any space in an immersive way, allowing you and your customers to freely explore every room of a building on a PC, tablet or smart phone.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Engage audiences with an immersive view of your space

You will always be open to visitors with a 3D Tour

Your audience can explore and experience your space in their own time by navigating a high quality virtual tour

Nine ways to enhance your visual marketing and get the most out of your 3D tour by Panoptic Aspects.....

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Walk Through Tour

Navigate by the click of a mouse or the touch of a tablet around a virtual tour of a real life space. A walk through tour can be shared by the viewer to social media, sent by email or even embedded on a website.

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Explore the model as a 3D "Dollshouse" view, allowing the viewer to rotate around the axis of the building, zoom in for more detail and get a real sense of the scale and perspective of the place.

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Colour labelled floor plans

A birds eye view of a floor taken from a 3D Tour with labels to identify rooms and with all fixtures and fittings shown in place. Floors can be viewed individually or stacked on each other.

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Virtual Reality

To give your customers the most immersive view of a 3D Tour in a new perspective! 3D Tours can be viewed on most of the commonly available VR googles such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR.

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Mattertags TM

Mattertags TM highlight those special features within your building. Tags can be as simple as just text but can also be images, videos or links to URLs sending interested parties to any page of your website.

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To ensure every part of the property is included in the experience of a 3D Tour we can provide 360 views of any area. This is especially useful for external areas where 3D scanning is not always possible.

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Schematic Drawings

A schematic floor plan with dimensions which are 99.9% accurate. These floor plans are produced from data obtained during the scan with notes, colours (to clarify room usage) and dimensions all added prior to issue.

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Google Street View

We are able to issue all virtual tours of commercial properties to the Google Street View platform and Google business listings. With virtual tours already increasing your SEO a Google Street View listing improves your Google ranking.

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2D Photos

Any number of 2D HDR 4K traditional photos can be produced from any point of the tour retrospectively. Always bright and clear these photos can be captured from a wide angle or zoomed in on specific items.

Give it a try - click on the image below:

Example Use Cases


A 3D Tour from Panoptic Aspects can help the efficiency of the construction industry in many ways:

•Replaces the need for thousands of 2D photos, just navigate to the area you want and view
•Snagging can be done off site. As well as the ability to tag any issue you would like to highlight to contractors
•Incorporation into your BIM process
•Tag and link to O&M Manuals
•Take measurements with 99% accuracy

Panoptic can help with an innovative method to document the construction process…
Any large or small space can be captured with the highest level of data from the first day on site to handover. Documentation is critical for any new construction project. Panoptic Aspects provide documentation in such an impressive way.
Stakeholders and the Main Contractor need documentation to verify construction is being performed to standards and according to design. Verification based on good documentation lowers the amount of rework due to error. Finally, when the building is complete the facility manager can review documentation to find critical maintenance information and save them valuable time and money.
Panoptic Aspects is an ideal solution for construction documentation. A Panoptic Space offers an immersive and interactive 3D experience that’s easier to manage and navigate than thousands of 2D photos.

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To provide a fantastic impression for potential buyers and renters a 3D Tour from Panoptic can really make you stand out.  Remote viewing of your show house gives a means to:
•Give your potential clients an immersive way to view a home
•Tag great features to highlight them to clients
•Avoid health & safety issues of members of the public visiting site

Matterport 3D House Tours by Panoptic will capture the attention of any prospective buyer or renter as soon as they start their search online.  This is the most immersive way to view a property and envisage yourself living there.  Giving developers the opportunity to showcase the site at the earliest opportunity; converting online viewers to qualified leads.
Avoiding health & safety issues of members of the public being on a live building site is just another attraction of using virtual tours of residential homes.  As is the time better spent by sales staff who may have been showing round potential clients who may be just curious rather than qualified leads.

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Retail Showrooms

Use of 3D Virtual Tours for a retail showroom allows customers the opportunity to browse your showroom before they leave their home.  Not only can we highlight details of the main items up for sale and provide links to further specification details and brochures but also take the viewer inside the item.  For example, a car dealership can take viewers around their showroom but with a click of a mouse the viewer can be inside the car of interest and view the interior in more detail.

We can also get your showroom on the map with a link to Google Street View helping search engine optimisation and giving potential clients a better idea of the quality of dealership they are viewing.

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Leisure Facilities

After a particularly tricky trading period (ok, that’s the understatement of the year!) It’s time for us to help get your bar, restaurant or hotel back on the map and provide you with a means to really show off what you have to offer:

•A 3D tour allows customers to walk around your facility with the click of a mouse
•Highlight what you think will be important to them with tags. Providing links to menus and any information you feel would be useful
•Link tags to booking software allowing your client to book their favourite table or room

When you really want to show off your venue be it a bar, restaurant or hotel 2D photos just aren’t going to cut it.  A 3D virtual tour provides potential clients with a great way to virtually walk around the venue, they can explore each room and space then click on a link taking them straight to your booking software.  The use of a Panoptic tour is a great way to stand out as a welcoming host through use of cutting-edge technology.

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Any type of venue needs to impress potential customers, and spark an interest in the facilities available; a 3D Tour by Panoptic Aspects will do just that:

•It will show customers the scale of the venue through use of the dollshouse view and floor plan
•It immerses the customer in the venue, and provides an engaging way to generate interest in the venue
•You can tag anything you feel will further enhance their interest – links to your suppliers’ websites, contact information or even videos of the venue in full swing!

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Education Facilities

Right the way through the education system, a 3D Tour provides a great way to reassure and impress both pupils and parents.  A 3D Tour embedded on your website can be brought to life in several ways:

•A welcome message from the headteacher
•Testimonials from previous students
•Links to other websites to enhance the student’s interest in the city

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You will be amazed how well a 3D Tour works in a smaller area.  Walkthroughs of aircraft and yachts provide great details.  Car dealerships can highlight their stock in a unique way along with showcasing the workshop facilities they can offer to owners.
A scan of a campervan or caravan can show intricate detail and the use of tags to highlight specific features helps to showcase all that the vans can offer.

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The challenge for successfully marketing a gym or fitness suite is to showcase the size and space available, along with providing details on the gym equipment.  This where a 3D Tour from Panoptic Aspects can really help.  Prospective members of your facility can walk around the gym, use the dollshouse view, and look at the floorplans created by us, to get a great feel for the gym environment. Tags in the tour can provide links to social media accounts, class times and even videos to show correct form when using the machines available.

There is no better way for clients to view the gym and envisage themselves using your facilities.

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Insurance Purposes

A 3D Tour from Panoptic Aspects provides an unbiased source of reality at a certain point in time.  Everyone involved – policyholder, adjuster and contractor – can all agree that the HDR photography, interactive 3D walkthroughs, and digital measurements displayed in a 3D Tour from Panoptic Aspects are indisputable.
Every scan point is time-stamped, there is no ability to alter photos, and dimensions are accurate within 1%.

Agreeing on what reality was at a certain point in time is made so much easier with use of a 3D Tour from Panoptic Aspects.

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