Could you give me a rough idea of cost?

The completion of the tour itself comes in at about £2 per square metre depending on the size of the building and the distance for us to travel.  There is an additional fee for storage of the files on servers allowing you or your clients to view the tours from anywhere in the world.  The cost for file storage depends on the period you would like to commit to.  So, for example, you may only want to commit to a minimum period of 6 months storage which works out at £66.00.  After that 6 month period the storage space can be renewed or the file deleted if the tour is no longer required.  Full consultation on that choice is offered at the time.

Finally, additional costs apply depending on our work after the tour has been completed e.g. the number of tags you would like adding to the tour, if you would like a schematic floor plan, if the file needs uploading to Google Street View etc.

All costs exclude VAT to be added at the applicable rate.

Can the file be edited after the event?

No, once taken the only way to remove unwanted items is to re-take the tour which would be chargeable.  Therefore, we encourage clients to get the property exactly as they would want to see it prior to us arriving for the shoot.

What preparation needs to be carried out?

We offer the following advice to make sure you are happy with the result:

1) Remove Valuable Items
Make sure you remove any sensitive or valuable items you do not wish to be included within the scan

2) Cleanliness of Property
•Clean smudges off windows, mirrors and shiny appliances
•Exterior (entrance, backyard, patio) that will be photographed, ensure it is clean, swept.
•Arrange furniture, clear off desks, kitchen worktops etc
•Clear any stores or utility rooms
•Hide or organize cables from computer, televisions, etc
•Clean the fireplace
•Beds should be made with bedding and pillows exactly how you would like to see them
•Let us know if there are any rooms you do not want included in the tour. Doors to the rooms to be omitted must be shut during photography

3) Hide Personalised Items

Virtual tours help tell a story to potential buyers, virtually putting them into the room or space they are touring. Part of the experience is to un-personalize the property (even if it’s just temporary for the photoshoot):
•Hide personal items from shelving (ie. knick knacks, photos)
•Remove family photos
•Hide pet items
•Hide any children proof items
•Remove towels, soap and personal cleaning items from bathrooms

4) Lighting

Ensure all lights bulbs and lighting throughout the house are ON and work.
For windows, please ensure we have access to open/close blinds or curtains to allow for appropriate lighting.

5) Moving Items
Turn off fans, or any moving items. Our cameras take long exposures and will result in a blurry shot.

6) Accommodate for the Photographer
3D Tours take about 1 hour per 100 square metres.  Please plan accordingly.

Can the area be open to the public or staff members during a shoot?

You will really need to close off the area you wish to include in a scan as you would not want moving objects, people or animals in the field of vision.  If this is an issue, we would be happy to arrange the scan to be captured out of hours i.e. early mornings, evenings, or weekends.

Can I highlight particular features?

We can add any number of tags to the tour after the initial scan; the quantity of tags and their content vary the additional costs of the tour.  They can be anything from just some text to an embedded video; tags act as information points for those navigating the virtual tour, highlighting any item you feel will help sell the space to your clients. 

How do I embed the 3D Tour onto a website?

Please click below to download the easy to follow guidelines for this process: file:///C:/Users/Andy Wilkinson/Dropbox/Panoptic Aspects Ltd/matterport_embedding_guidelines_3.pdf

What are the payment terms?

We require a 50% deposit in order to book in your shoot.  The remaining 50% balance is payable after completion and presentation of the file to you but prior to publication. Our full terms & conditions can be found here: Ts&Cs

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