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Terms & Conditions of Business

The following sets out our terms of business a signed copy of these terms will be required prior to us starting work on your project.

1. Quotation
1.1 Our pricing is based on several factors such as layout, complexity & size of the building, what additional items you require after the scan, travel time, expenses & mileage to your location and the duration of storage time on the server.  We reserve the right to amend the price after our quotation due to items out of our control e.g. Matterport’s pricing tariff for file storage.
1.2 Our quotations remain valid for 30 days from the date of quotation.

2. Payment Terms
2.1 A deposit of 50% of the quoted price is payable prior to the 3D Tour Scan date.  If the deposit remains un-paid, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the scan date until payment has been received.
2.2 The balance payment of 50% is payable after completion of our work and presentation of that work to you but before the file goes live for publication.
2.3 Panoptic Aspects Ltd reserves the right to charge a late payment fee of 7.5% per month on overdue un-paid balances.

3. Cancellations or Postponements
3.1 Any cancellation or postponement of a scan must be made in writing to our office address or emailed.
3.2 Cancellations made within 7 days of the agreed scan date will be subject to a fee of 50% of the deposit amount.
3.3 Cancellations made within 24 hours of the agreed scan date & time will be subject to the full deposit amount
3.4 Postponed scans will be subject to the availability of our photographers
3.5 In the event of unforeseen staff absence such as illness we will endeavour to reschedule your scan date as soon as possible.
3.6 In the event of cancellation of a project at any stage the client agrees to pay Panoptic Aspects Ltd for any outstanding staff time we have spent working on your project up to the point of termination.

4. Scan Day
4.1 On the day of the scan our photographer will capture the space exactly as it is.  The photographer will not “dress” a location.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the space is ready for capture prior to the agreed date and time of the scan. For example, adjustment of the lighting, rearranging the contents, removal of confidential or valuable items is the client’s responsibility.  Delays to the scan being started due to lack of preparation or other delays will incur an additional cost of £60 per hour which will be added to the final invoice.
4.2 The infra-red sensors on our equipment are affected by direct sunlight, we therefore reserve the right to close blinds and doors in order to improve scan accuracy.  It may be necessary to pick a time of day for a scan if direct sunlight is un-avoidable.
4.3 We can only capture a 3D map of an indoor space.  Outdoor areas can be photographed as high resolution 360-degree photography and integrated into the tour.
4.4 Any areas you do not want us to include in the tour or which are inaccessible during the scan will show up as blank spaces in the tour.
4.5 Panoptic Aspects Ltd cannot be held responsible for loss of business or revenue due to your space being closed during the completion of the scan.  We always aim to agree a date and time that is mutually acceptable.

5. Health & Safety
5.1 Please advise the length of inductions prior to us providing a quotation for your project.  Inductions lasting longer than 30 minutes will incur an additional cost.
5.2 If there is a danger to the photographer they have the right to stop work and delay the scan until the danger is eradicated.  If our equipment is at risk of damage due to site conditions such as dust, water, steam or heat our photographer has the right to stop work.  Any delay to the scan due to lengthy inductions, health & safety or environmental issues will be charged at £60 per hour or part thereof.

6. Optional Extras
6.1 We will quantify the optional items in our quotation and will complete these items if ordered as part of your package.  If you require additional items mid-project we will agree the cost for these items with you which will be subject to the same payment terms as set out above.
6.2 We will be happy to include several 2D still photos as part of your package taken from the tour.  These should not replace good quality still photography as different shaped rooms require a variety of lenses and flash lighting.  We also provide still photography, further details can be found here
6.3 Schematic floor plans are provided in PDF or PNG format and are around 99% accurate but should only be used for sales and marketing purposes.  We can provide AuotCAD drawings of your space and provide this service, further details can be found here.

7. Ownership & Hosting
7.1 The tour will be hosted on the Matterport cloud and is subject to the terms of service of Matterport.  Panoptic Aspects cannot be held responsible for loss of business or earnings due to 3rd party software issues.  We also cannot be held responsible for any software updates, addition or removal of 3rd party software in conjunction with your project.  Matterport 3D tours work on most browsers, tablets and smartphones, we cannot be held responsible for incompatibility with anu device or out of date web browser.
7.2 We will agree and quote for a set period the virtual tour will be available for viewing on any compatible device worldwide.  We will consult with you 30 days prior to the end of this period and if further storage of the tour is required, we will quote accordingly.  If  we do not hear from you during the 30 day consultancy period and are therefore unable to agree additional storage time we will deem the tour to be no longer required and delete from our storage space.
7.3 No warranty is given with a virtual tour any errors or omissions must be highlighted during the project timescale.
7.4 Panoptic Aspects can only provide the Matterport Virtual Tours so long as their business and service remains in operation.  Changes made to their business model are beyond our control.
7.5 The 3D Tour remains under the ownership of Panoptic Aspects Ltd as we will store the file as part of our agreed storage space with Matterport.  We reserve the right to use 3D Tours as part of our website portfolio and for other promotional activities.

8. Sign-Off
8.1 An authorised member of the client’s team will lead the project from their side and will be deemed to have authority to sign-off content.
8.2 The client will provide their required content for tags (text, images, videos etc) within 7 days of the scan and will have a further 7 days to make any changes to content provided.  If we do not receive feedback we will deem the project complete and issue to the client.  The completed file will then be made live on receipt of your balance payment.
8.3 Once completed and signed off no further changes are possible.  The client is therefore responsible for the accuracy and completeness of information received whether that is verbal or written.      

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