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Any type of venue needs to impress its potential customers and spark an interest in the facilities available.  A 3D Tour by Panoptic Aspects will do just that:

•It will show customers the scale of the venue through use of the dollshouse view and floor plan
•It puts them right into the venue and provides an engaging way to generate interest in the venue
•You can tag anything you feel will further enhance their interest; links to your suppliers’ websites, contact information, or even videos of the venue in full swing!

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Exhibition & Trade Shows

A 3D Virtual Tour taken at the start of your exhibition or trade show has huge benefits for upcoming visitors.  It allows them to tour the floor, and select stands they plan to visit.  Tags can provide links to exhibitors’ websites, contact information, and even video introductions.

Not only that, the show never ends as visitors can revisit the exhibition via the 3D tour, reminding themselves of the stands which interested them, and clicking on the links to make contact.

Also, potential exhibitors for future events will be hugely impressed by the 3D virtual tour and will be encouraged to book their place for the following years to come.


With an ever-increasing value for the average wedding in the UK, and the choice of venues now available, there is no better time to promote your venue in the very best way:

•The bride and groom can avoid spending so much time visiting potential venues, and immerse themselves in your professional way of presenting the venue, through the use of a 3D Tour
•Having viewed the 3D Tour, they will visit the venue only when a real interest has been generated
•You can dress the room before a tour is completed to give the bride & groom a real idea of how their big day will look
•Tags in the tour can generate further interest by highlighting great places for wedding shots or provide links to videos or photos of the venue in use

Event Venues

Let any event planner view your venue in immersive 3D.  The benefits for a busy Venue Manager are clear:

•Reduces the number of visits to walk through your venue as potential users can walk through on their PC, tablet or phone
•The 3D Tour can be easily be shared between other stakeholders in the event so they can also be impressed by the facilities you have available
•Provides very clear and accurate client expectations of your venue

Historical & Cultural

A 3D Tour of any cultural facility will be of great value.  The items on show are of great interest and are generally of great quantity!  There is no better way of highlighting details than with a tag in a 3D Tour by Panoptic Aspects.  Easily embedded on your website, this can provide a great way of generating interest in any cultural site. 

Film & TV Studios

There is normally a great distance between the potential client for your studio and the facility itself, so it is even more important to show them as much as you can, and in great detail.  Not only the studio itself but the production offices, dressing rooms, stores, and other facilities for staff – they’re all important to your potential client; show each feature off with use of a 3D Tour from Panoptic Aspects! 

Having walked through your studio online you know it’s a serious enquiry when they make contact. 

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